Recent Events


NM Antelope 2015

This year the club had a great opportunity to hunt Antelope which is a wonderful event for the kids. Antelope tags have always been a tough thing for the club to find but when we do it turns out great. This trip would be no exeption. We had a great opportunity to take four kids from the club all the way to the North-East side of the state just outside of Clayton, NM. Friday morning early we packed up all the kids and gear and headed north. After a long drive and getting checked in the motel we headed out to meet the rancher. To our suprise the land owners, Mr. and Mrs. Kimsey, were into Falconry and had written a book about it. They gave the kids a tour of their opperation and let the kids check out their birds. A big thanks to the Kimsey's for taking their time to introduce the kids to something new. We loaded the kids up and decided to split up to cover as much of the 26,000 acre ranch as we could before dark. Well after a couple of hours of glassing we met back up and stood looking at each other in amazement, for trwo reasons. The first was because we collectively saw over 300 goats and the second was because there was not a tree or bush on the entire ranch. After a good nights rest the kids were eager to get into the field. Once again we split up and went our seperate ways and within minutes we were putting together plans on how in the world we were going to chase down a couple of these speed goats. Scott, Chase, Gavin, and Francis decided hiking in would be our best bet. After a few hours and the antelope were up about 6 to zero over the hunters we decided to quit keeping score. We kept after them and by 12 noon we had two great goats on the ground. Both Gavin and Francis had made some amazing shots and were all smiles. On the other side of the ranch Roger, Joseph, Devin, and Justin were in persuit. Early in the morning Devin and Roger had put on a great stalk including alot of crawling and put down a great non-typical buck. Now it was Justin's turn. They spotted another goup of antelope so Joseph and Justin were hot on their trail. After a couple of miles of crawing and sweating Justin touched off the trigger and dropped her in her tracks. Congratulations to all the kids and a big thank you to the NM Game & Fish Dept. and Mr. and Mrs. Kimsey for helping us put this together. It was a great opportunity that these kids will not soon forget.







Ibex Hunt

What an awesome hunt full of extreme exhaustion, close calls, and total joy. The hunt was a 14 day once in a lifetime Ibex hunt that was donated from the NM Game & Fish. Alyssa was the lucky recipient from the club. She spent several weeks before the hunt getting in shape and working on her shooting skills. Over the hunt we had several close calls with some amazing Ibex but the big goats always managed to slip away. With only an hour of the hunt left she gave it her all on one last stalk. Everything came together and Alyssa made a 500yd shot on a great goat and the screaming and yelling started. A huge thanks to all the spotters, Scott, Joseph, Nicholas, and Julian as well as our super guide Roger for an amazing hunt. Congratulations Girl, what a hunt!



Texas Aoudad Youth Hunt 2015

Once again our good friend Page Day with Acorn Outfitters has given us the opportunity to take a group of young hunters to chase the sharp eyed Aoudad. We packed up up the trailer and headed out with a group of eager first time hunters. After arriving at the ranch and checking the guns at the range we headed to the field. The first evening was pretty slow but after a good meal and some much needed rest the kids were ready. The next two days were filled with lots of game and some close calls. All the kids had an opportunity on some animals and by the time Saturday night rolled around we had 4 great aoudad on the ground. Two of the boys were lucky enough to hunt rams while the other two hunted ewes. Thanks again to Page Day for putting some big smiles on the young hunters faces.