Recent Events


Well, Its been a while since I have updated the website. The club has been busy working with a new batch of young hunters. We have had an exciting year to say the least. We kicked off the 2019 season with some Texas turkey hunts followed by the annual DRK Fishing Classic, Oryx hunts,Outdoor Adventure Camp, Antelope hunts, Elk hunts, Deer hunts, and we will be finishing the busy year off going back to Texas for some Hog and Aoudad hunts. Her is a few pics of the excitement so far.

Our Annual banquet was another great success due to all the parents and sponsors who helped make the youth club such a great place to be.

We had several outstanding special guest come and speak at the monthly meetings. Presentations included elk calling and hunting techniques, snake identification and handling, and trapping and wildlife ID.

A big thanks to all our great sponsors and volunteers who made this year such a great success.

We are about to enter our 20th year of getting kids in the outdoors! Boy how time flies. We are still going strong and the kids are coming on STRONG!